Live Level 2 Mentorship Starts Every Monday


Please email us or calling (754) 200-4410 with your preferer starting Monday, this Mentorship is all year long and you can choose any future Monday to start.


Anytime through the Year, Starting on Mondays.

  • Anytime through the Year, Starting every Monday of your choosing.
  • Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Student discount: $250 off the workshop price

Discount only eligible for current students with valid student ID*

For information on purchasing with a student discount, please email [email protected]

What’s Included

  • 60+ page manual that outlines all BPS methodology, exercise database, sample programs, scientific background, and approach to programming, implementation, and coaching strategies
  • Advanced assessment techniques to personalize programs
  • Bommarito exclusive CAMPS (TM) methodology – CNS Activation and Muscle/Joint Preparation Systems
  • Movement/Speed/Agility Development – linear, lateral, multidirectional coaching, programming, and implementation strategies
  • The BPS Strength Endurance / Power Endurance Continuum
  • Weight Room and Resistance Training programs
  • Exercise database of all categories
  • Methodology and implementation systems
  • Athletic and General Fitness
  • Periodization and planning
  • Youth, Collegiate, and Professional athlete training systems – team training and individualized strategies in a small group setting
  • General Fitness Training and boot-camps – advanced scientific principles to optimize specific goals in a personal training or group training setting
  • Coordination with various medical disciplines to provide variations to exercise
  • NSCA and NASM CEUs provided


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