ZONE-6    Get the Results You Want

Our Fitness training programs are designed for active adults looking for a challenging training program. Opposed to the typical workout you are used to experiencing at the local health club, all Bommarito Performance adult training sessions are interactive, fast-paced and focused on helping you reach your target goals. Whether you are an experienced tri-athlete or this is your first training session, BPS programs are custom tailored to get you the results you expect.


Small Group training for adults of all fitness levels. Get fit in one of our high intensity small group training classes to get you where you want to be.


Our Corporate training program offers a comprehensive 360-degree training offer for businesses looking to help their team perform at a high level.

ZONE-6    The Revolution in Group Fitness

History and Science Behind Zone-6 Group Fitness

6 Metabolic Energy Systems that need to be trained to maximize full cardiovascular and fat-burning effect

6 Weight Room Zones per workout that need to encompass joint isolation to manage pain; multi-joint exercises to maximize gains in muscle OR fat loss/toning; and isometric exercises to provide structure and stability.

6 Points on the Continuum of Strength/Power Endurance that need to be implemented to maximize intensity and recovery to avoid overtraining

6 Corrective Exercise Zones to ensure that each program is custom built to each client within a fun group setting with a positive and non-judgmental atmosphere

ZONE-6    Group Fitness Levels


(Prime Zone)

  • Metabolic – an introduction to the 6 metabolic energy systems
  • Endurance – Custom scientific progression based on your current fitness level
  • Strength – body weight and basic machines to gain results while keeping the joints unloaded

“I was a little skeptical about being able to succeed in the program because I have never been active in my life. After 3 months I’ve seen great results and each coach is amazing!”

Mother in Prime Zone

Pain Management

(Prime Zone Plus)

  • Full Biomechanical Evaluation will dictate the exact personalized program
  • Corrective Exercise selection to allow you to train in pain-free ranges of motion
  • Analyze the actual cause of the injury/pain to prevent in the future

“This program saved me. After years of pain, I thought it would never go away. I’m back to training how I want and I’m finally back to the activities I love!”

Competitive Dancer

BPS Bootcamp

(Shred Zone)

  • Advanced program for the clients with more experience
  • Maximize each of the 6 metabolic energy systems with quantifiable interval training
  • Toning, fat loss, and weight loss are common goals that can be reached with specific resistance training progressions

“I love this gym, I love the program, and the staff is the best I’ve ever seen. I thought I was done with fitness shows after a few years off, but I’m inspired to start competing again!”

Fitness Model

Train like the Athlete

(Athletic Zone)

  • Elite program for the current and former athlete
  • 6 energy systems optimized in advanced periodization model
  • Unique, but SPECIFIC, strength and power program that will get quick results, but WON’T stress the joints

“I train here even though I run my own fitness company. I never thought it would be possible to train like I used to when I was a college athlete, but BPS modified the program for my specific needs so I can train aggressively, but I’m not in constant pain. And I’m a MUCH better trainer now because of all that I’ve learned here!”

Gym Owner


EVALUATION – Biomechanical

Full medical-based evaluation that will examine each joint in the body and the muscles that cross the joints.  This evaluation will be based on:

  • Muscle Activation TechniquesTM (MAT) Jumpstart Analysis
    • Muscle function and range of motion
    • Identify asymmetries (deficiencies)
    • Neural connection to OPTIMAL muscle contraction
  • Functional Movement ScreenTM (FMS)
    • Evaluating efficiency in Essential movement patterns for training, sport, and everyday activities
    • Pinpoint areas of weakness/deficiency and areas of greatest training opportunity
    • Stability, balance, mobility, motor control
  • Specialty Evaluation
    • Other forms of evaluation techniques that is unpublished data of foot/toe function trunk/spine function
    • Postural analysis

ASSESSMENT – Anthropometrics and Availability

  • Anthropometrics
    • Standards, body composition, energy equations
    • Girth measurements to assist to pinpoint advanced body comp for specific and realistic goals of fat loss
  • Periodization Chart and Program Classification
    • Logistical Schedule – estimated commitment per week to training
    • Lifestyle and history – experience, comfort level, work/family schedules, nutritional plan, general overview of medical history
    • Specific medical history – documented injuries and diagnostics, general joint/muscle pain and discomfort
    • GOALS – specific and general
  • Identification
    • Zone – Prime, Prime-Plus, Shred, Athlete
    • Combinations and varying the class can be implemented
  • Corrective Exercise Assignment
    • Key areas of the body that will need attention of isolation and isometric exercises to improve overall joint health and movement efficiency
    • Evaluation will dictate the initial base program and ongoing monitoring of the response of training will dictate changes
  • ESD Implementation
    • ALL Metabolic energy systems need to trained within the overall long term plan
    • The exact mechanism of choice of machines, training systems, and intensity to match the energy system theme(s) for the workout will be dependent on all the evaluation factors
  • Scheduling through “BPS App” will show all available classes that are weight room based and non-weight room based; UNLIMITED access!
  • Each member will have individualized manual to monitor and progress ALL aspects; BPS staff assigned to each class to implement, coach, and assign records/progression
  • Coach:Client Ratio – MAX 1:8 (usually 1:5)
  • Program sheets in each member’s manual
    • New weight room sheet every week of the 2-week microcycle
    • Detailed notes on each training aspect to progress to the next session
    • Custom planning for upcoming changes (different work schedules, family responsibilities, travel schedules, etc.)
    • BPS “Training App” available for ALL clients with custom training logs available on phone/tablet; PERFECT FOR CLIENTS WHO TRAVEL FOR WORK!
    • Long term performance tracking can give detailed analysis of progression over time

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