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Bring the BPS Team on-board to work with your team. Programs range from 1x per week (in-season training) to full off-season programs (up to 5x per week).

Looking to bring the BPS team on-site to share best practices with your staff? A BPS Team Training Workshop provides your staff/team with the tools (program and equipment) to organize and deliver a successful program at your facility.

This 5-day program is our most intensive training program. The BPS staff has traveled across the globe to structure, organize and implement successful team programs.


The evaluation process will be a full assessment of muscle, joint, and movement pattern. Performance tests will be performed before and after the training block to measure improvements.

maximum ratio: 1 coach per 8-10 athletes

available on a limited basis

  • Individual scripts prepared based on information from evaluations
  • Individually progressed depending of the rate of development of the athlete
  • Re-evaluation: weekly evaluations will be done within the sessions to progress aggressively but safely
  • Each athlete will have their own program that with progression sheets of each aspect
    • Overall periodization plan and attendance training log
    • Plyometrics
    • Speed
    • Core
    • Weekly weight room sheets
    • Evaluations / Corrective exercise recommendations
  • 10 and under (Youth)
  • 11-13 (Middle School)
  • 14 and Over (High School)
  • Collegiate plus
  • Class schedules will be set each of the Fall, Spring and Summer training blocks
  • 2 to 6 class times will be available per day per age group depending on season
  • The training classes may be scheduled individually each day or week, or in bulk
  • First come, first serve basis – the classes will not exceed the promised coach to athlete ratio
  • 24-hour cancellation policy


Have the BPS team structure, organize and deliver a customized training program for your team. With programs for teams of all sports and skill levels, the BPS Team Training Program is focused on preparing your team to excel on the field.

We currently offer 3 types of Team Training Programs:

  • Static – non-moving
  • Transitional – slow-moving functional movement patterns
  • Dynamic – full speed athletic motions and functional movement patterns
  • Linear Speed (10-yd, 40-yd, 60-yd dash)
  • Multidirectional Speed, Change of Direction (Pro Shuttle)
  • Vertical / Horizontal Power (Vertical jump and Broad Jump)
  • Strength – Any team/organization specific strength tests that an athlete needs to prepare for during training (if applicable)
  • Physical Therapy and Athletic Training staff – static and transitional evaluation
  • Chiropractic staff – Spinal, pelvic, and associated limbs evaluation
  • Massage Therapy staff – Myofascial, local muscular, and neural evaluation
  • Neuromuscular staff – Neuro-muscular firing patterns, applied kinesiology, muscle activation
  • Foot Specialists – Digital analysis of the gait patterns, orthotic recommendations
  • 10 and under (Youth)
  • 11-13 (Middle School)
  • 14 and Over (High School)
  • Collegiate plus