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“As the experts at developing athletes, coaches and fitness enthusiasts, we will continue to deliver results to our clients through our medically based multi-disciplinary approach to training, education, and nutrition.”


Provide the industry-leading services, information, and destination location facilities for all athletes and fitness enthusiasts and those in need of medical and/or rehabilitative care at all levels and ages. This revolutionary multidisciplinary approach is distinguished by combining all of the most educated and successful specialists in every aspect of the sports performance, general fitness, nutritional, and medical fields. This organization is also dedicated to present the world’s leading scientifically based information system to all professionals in the sports performance and fitness industry.

This revolutionary conglomerate is dedicated to “pushing the limits” of the entire sports performance profession and every related discipline towards excellence:

  • Evaluations & Testing
  • Exercise Technique
  • Coaching Organization
  • Coaching Srategies
  • Long term / short term periodization models, with full integration of every aspect of the profession
    • Power
    • Strength
    • Movement Training
    • Specialized Movement Training
    • Energy System Development
    • Suppleness Training
    • Suppleness Training
  • Evaluations & Testing
  • General and Individualized Meal Planning and Information
  • Nutrient timing and Supplementation Strategies
  • General and Specified Programs
  • “Training like the athlete”
  • Bodybuilding
  • Modeling
  • Body composition / type alteration – weight loss, weight gain, toning, shaping, etc.
  • Metabolic specialization and energy system development
  • Corporate Wellness Programs

Multidisciplinary Approach

the sports performance and fitness industries overlap with many related disciplines. This successful approach has taken the information, specialized training, and certifications from every one of these disciplines and integrated it into one large system. This system depends on sports performance and fitness professions to feed off the various medical industries and vice versa. These medical industries include:

  • Orthopedic
  • Physical therapy
  • Chiropractic
  • Massage therapy
  • Neuromuscular therapy
  • Podiatry
  • Rheumatology and internal medicine
  • Osteoporosis and arthritis prevention specialization
  • Holistic medicine

“Redirecting the research” - Coach Bommarito has consistently used this term in many of the clinics and conferences in which he has presented. The interpretation of the research can be taken many different ways by various professionals in the industry. As one prominent member of one of the most successful University-based Exercise Science programs in the world once said: “The research community will always be a few years behind the application-based sports performance community. A useful study gets finalized and presented, with the understanding that two outcomes will result – more detailed research based on the findings, and application methodology based on the findings. The follow up research must go through numerous time-consuming processes. The application-based result will also be time-consuming if it’s performed properly, but can obviously move forward much more expeditiously. It is up to the sports performance professionals to be highly educated to intelligently interpret the findings, and use it to develop new and revise old application methodology. This application methodology can be translated in the form of precise training systems that must be quantified, presented, and redirected back to the research community. This constant revolving door will continue to push the limits of the entire profession and every related discipline towards excellence and perfection.” Bommarito Performance Systems has built it’s entire foundation, mission, and philosophy around this concept. The organization has spend years educating it’s personnel to the highest level and developing relationships with the most respected individuals in the research community to perfect this “redirection.” Pete has also spent years perfecting the craft of presenting the application methodology, as well as the interpretation of the research back to the professionals in the industry at some of the biggest conferences nationwide.